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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Two Types of Submissions:

1) Tip Jar Submissions. We are now accepting tip jar submissions all year long. Your $4.00 "tip" goes toward keeping our journal alive and kicking. This money is a donation that directly funds our website management. Should we one day start making a profit from donations, we dream of paying our contributors and editors! For now, your donation is much appreciated for helping keep us afloat. There is no special preference given to tip jar submissions, just a heartfelt thanks!

2) Regular Submissions. We will continue to accept submissions at no cost, but will limit the time of year these are accepted. Current free reading schedule is as follows: August 1 – October 1; February 1 – May 1st.


a. You may submit simultaneously, just let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere, by using the "withdraw" option for prose, or a note indicating which poems were accepted elsewhere for poetry. Please DO NOT email editors directly to withdraw pieces. 

b. We do not accept previously published stories, however, upon publication in Storyscape, the right to republish is yours.

c. We cannot pay our Contributors, although we truly wish we could.

d. We will do our best to respond either way within three months.

e. PROSE: We review one prose piece at a time. NEW: we now have a word count limit of up to 5,000 words (as of 8/13/15; if you submitted longer pieces previously, don't worry). 

f. POETRY: Send up to five poems all in the same document as one submission. When one of your poems is accepted elsewhere, just add a note to your submission to indicate individual poems are accepted elsewhere. 

g. Please only submit once in a six-month cycle. 

h. We do NOT accept submissions or correspondence sent to the personal email addresses of our editors (unless you were personally asked to). If you submit directly to an editor's personal email address, your submission will be deleted and will not be read.


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